We love visual puzzles!

Can you count the squares in this puzzle?

This type of puzzle will appear in your child’s  standardized tests and geometry tests down the road!   So why not train the brain now, and learn the trick behind this type of puzzle early on?

Try to do the puzzle and then peek at the technique to answer it…

If your mind has turned to mush already, we can help you out. The trick is to find multiple smaller squares in order to make larger ones. Just remember this fundamental rule: All squares have four equal sides.

Keeping that in mind, start by counting the smallest squares in the center and all four corners, since those are the easiest to spot. Then, work your way out to the medium-sized squares that start on each corner, as well as the center one. And don’t forget the biggest square that surrounds them all!

You should count 22  squares by the time you finish!


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