Encourage learning!

Research shows that younger siblings are better students and have a higher IQ than their older siblings.    When the older kids sit down to do homework, the youngest one in our family also wants to do “homework”.  Ok, she is 3 and does not yet get homework….   And probably won’t have any for 5-8 years to come.  But she sees that the older kids are sitting down and working, and feels the urge to learn, to cut, to paste, to color, to trace!    Naturally,  as a mom, I am only happy.  I get a stack of worksheets for her to work on.   Age appropriate for her attention span…  Or not.  The key is to get  anything out on the table and assign work.

Try this at home with your kids.  Sit everyone down to do homework in the same room.  Turn off all distractions, like a blaring TV, or loud music.  Grab a cup of soothing chamomile tea and enjoy family time with your kids in a “nerdy” and fun setting.

When kids do homework with mom or dad they feel content and connected.  Ok, some kids want to hog all the attention, and start acting out to get personal one-on-one time to do that advanced math….  That’s a whole other blog post.

Here’s a freebie tracing worksheet to try with your youngest!

Trace and Color Smarty Buddy
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