Helicopter Parents are Raising Unemployable Children


Photo: Getty Images

I came across this interesting article in Huffington Post about the perils of hovering over your children.   In reality, it seems that an average middle class family falls into the “helicopter parenting”.   Do our kids do anything on their own any more? Go to the store and pay for a loaf of bread?   Go for a walk alone and make mistakes with friends?   Save money for a favorite toy,  cherish that toy, and then get sad about breaking it (and not get a replacement)?



These are just examples of things that most kids don’t get to do.  Why?  Because an average U.S. middle class child has most of the things bought, brought, and spoon fed to them by their parents.

Kids bring their problems to their parents to get resolved, fixed, glued, etc.   We as parents are supposed to be raising adults…





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