August and Back to School Time

August us upon us!  As a working parent, I am in shock that we are already getting hit by Back to School Ads and letters from the school on getting ready for the new school year.  Yes, planning is key.  But there is a whole lot of summer to be enjoyed!  Depending, of course, on where you live.  Our school year starts after Labor Day.  Some school districts start in the middle of August.  Either way, seize the day! Get out of the summer routine and add come new activities to you summer bucket list.  Make lifelong memories with your kids.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Go bowling! Ok, bowling is not the go-to kids activity anymore. But kids love it!   Some bowling alleys offer free summer bowling!  Check out for more info.
  2. Go to a local natural watering hole.  Be that a lake, a bay, a river, or maybe the ocean – kick back and relax, while the kids splash around.  Another alternative is a splash park or the city pool.
  3. Go on a bike ride.  Dust off the bikes, pick a local bike trail, and get lost in the excitement of biking with your children.  Of course, make sure to plan you time for the way back.  Some kids can outride adults, but usually it’s the other way around.
  4. Go kayaking!  – Have you tried kayaking or paddle boating?  If not, splurge, and rent a kayak or paddle boat for an hour. Enjoy the new experience of riding on the water.  Kids love to paddle.  Another alternative is renting a paddle boat.
  5. Go to a museum or a zoo.  Don’t underestimate the power of going to the zoo.  Even if you have been there a million times.  Kids love going to the same places, especially if there is some roaring and screeching involved!
  6. Send the kids to grandma!  – If you are lucky enough to have this option.  Send the kids off to grandma, and enjoy the quiet time at home.  Kids learn a lot from spending time with relatives.  They also can back in the love and the “spoildom”.

Enjoy summer! What are some of the items left on you summer bucket list?

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