Smarty Buddy Inview Practice

Book Cover: Smarty Buddy Inview Practice

Smarty Buddy ™ Inview ™ practice books are designed to prepare elementary school aged children for standardized tests such as Inview™, CoGAT®, NNAT2®, OLSAT®, etc.

All children are gifted and talented. Not all kids fit into the standards that school systems and educational institutions deem as the cutoff for gifted and talented designation. Every child deserves to be offered the most challenging material in school to progress in his or her understanding of the world.

The InView™ is compiled of five subtests that assess the following subject areas:

- Sequences

- Analogies

- Quantitative Reasoning

- Verbal Reasoning - Words

- Verbal Reasoning - Context

Our Inview™ workbook is a full length test based on the types of questions your child will encounter on test day. Look for more books in this series for increasing difficulty levels. And check out our Smarty Buddy game on all App Stores to reward your child for worksheet learning. Our app offers over 670 additional questions in a fun game environment, offering positive reinforcement badges for solved levels and surprises along the way.

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