Did you get your child’s test result?

Did you come across this blog, as you were looking to decipher the test results letter from your school?   If not, let me tell you – there is no better motivation to get started with test preparation than receiving a “bad” test result for your elementary school aged child.  This test might be over, but there’s always the next and the next, until well, … after college.

I have been in this situation exactly twice with my eldest child.  The first letter,  opened my eyes to the hidden world of standardized tests that the school system uses to place my child in a group of peers.  This was back when she was a 2nd grader.  She took the Inview Test, and failed miserably on 2 sections out of 5.  As a parent, reading the IQ test results, something doesn’t sit well when your child gets a 90 percentile in some sections and 45 % in 2 others.  After talking to my child, I realized that the format and directions in a stressful test environment can make or break your child.

I set out on a crusade to find out more information about the Inview test, and how it is used in our school system to separate highly gifted children for placement in more rigorous math and English classes.

Thus the idea for Smarty Buddy App was born…  I sat down with my kids and created  a  framework for a fun app that would be a nice alternative to worksheet test preparation.  We worked very hard to get the art work done in warm and inviting graphics; then we worked on programming the app , testing and releasing it to the public.

Since then, we released about 5 test preparation books and 4 more apps to help with basic multiplication, division and math facts.  The kids love being part of the app development process and get to test out our products before they are released to the public.

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In the midst of working on products for other kids, my daughter geared up to take the CoGAT test in 5th grade.  We have worked very hard to try out different types of test questions and develop test preparation workbooks for other kids.

But on my daughter’s test day I realized that I did not stress the test taking tips enough!

So on test day, my daughter comes back saying that the test was easy, but she had to skip a few questions.

“You skipped questions?”

So we went through a long discussion that on standardized test we NEVER, NEVER, EVER skip answering a question!  We can make an EDUCATED guess, and come back to the question if time allows. But never skip a question!

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The test results came back, and lo and behold – we get 95% on all sections, except 64% on the section where a quarter of the questions was skipped.

I will try to get a copy my daughter’s test results to help you visualize the effect this little test taking tip can have on your child’s score.  Come back soon to get a glimpse of what CoGAT test results look like!

I hope you get a chance to browse through our blog and try out our apps and books.  We look forward to your feedback.  And as always “Good Luck” to you and yours!




CoGAT Test Prep or Practice with Smarty Buddy

All children are gifted and talented.   Not all kids fit into the standards that school systems and educational institutions deem as the cutoff for gifted and talented designation. Every child deserves to be offered the most challenging material in school to progress in his or her understanding of the world.

After going through different learning programs and test preparation books, we decided to assemble the materials that helped our own kids succeed.   We hope that our apps and test preparation books help every child feel confident on test day and every parent feel content that they offered the best learning resources to their kid(s).

Smarty Buddy App
Smarty Buddy App

The Smarty Buddy App was designed based on the types of questions a child might encounter on the CogAT®, InView™, SCAT®,  and similar gifted placement tests.

Smarty Buddy App features 3 grade difficulty levels:

  • pre-K-K
  • 1-2 grade
  • 3-5 grade

 Smarty Buddy App features 5 types of test topics similar in format to the questions asked on the leading gifted and talented placement tests:

  • Number Sequences
  • Picture Sequences
  • Picture Analogies
  • Quantitative
  • Number Puzzles

Within each topic Smarty Buddy App features 3 levels of difficulty.

Smarty Buddy App Topics
Smarty Buddy App Topics

With over 670 questions to play, this fun game can complement or replace any worksheet test preparation.  Grab the game to squeeze in test practice on the road or on the plane.  

Check out our App Demo for some of the questions in the Sequences Test:

Get your child ready for CoGAT!!!

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Smarty Buddy on Kindle Devices

Why gifted and talented testing?

So, many parents go about their daily routines raising their wonderful and smart children – until one fine day they find out that junior will need to take a placement test to get into a) pre-school,  b) private school, c) accelerated math in school or d)  all of the above!

What placement test?   Well, this really depends  on your school system or private school.  The major cognitive tests are CoGAT, NNAT, OLSAT,  Inview, SCAT … ok, there are many more.  And I’ll get into all of them in later blog posts.  The good thing is that there are plenty of online resources for parents and on Amazon to help with the placement testing process.

Here’re the marching orders:

  1. Be proactive!  – Find out from the school what tests are given to your child and when!
  2. Do a few practice tests with your child!  – This is a no brainer. Practice makes perfect.  Even the brightest kids do poorly on standardized tests!  Being familiar with test format, and question types is a life saver!
  3. Pep talk!   – Ok, I learned this the hard way with my eldest child.  Go through the test taking instructions with your kid.  If anything, talk about answering all the questions!  Do not leave any of the questions blank!  If running out of time,  just guess at the end.
  4. Supplement school curriculum with in-home worksheets and puzzles! – Ok, the U.S. early education system needs your help.  Don’t wade through the system.  Be your child’s advocate.  If junior is struggling with multiplication – work on multiplication worksheets, games, apps.  If analogies are hard – work on analogies with your child.  All the time you put into your child’s education is a great reward in itself! Your child’s success is even a greater reward!

Check out the resources that the Smarty Buddy Team has put together:

Elementary school aged kids:

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  6. Smarty Buddy App on Ios, Kindle, Android
  7. Smarty Buddy Multiplication App on IOS, Kindle, Android
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  9. Smarty Buddy Grade 1 Math App on IOS, Kindle, Android

Pre-school aged kids:

  1. Smarty Buddy My First Analogies


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