NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability) test is a nonverbal test used to assess PreK-12 (4 to 18 years) students for gifted and talented programs.  NNAT is published by Pearson Education.  The most recent version of the test is NNAT3.  Like all nonverbal ability tests, the NNAT is intended to assess cognitive ability independently of linguistic and cultural background.

NNAT Question Types:

  • Reasoning by analogy – testing students ability to use visual-spatial reasoning to identify logical connections between various geometric figures and shapes like small square – big square, or small circle – large circle, etc.)
  • Pattern completion – testing students ability to understand patterns. Students have to identify missing piece of the puzzle.
  • Serial reasoning – testing students ability to identify relationship between geometric figures/images and continue the logical pattern.
  • Spatial visualization – testing students ability to imagine how the image will look like if it will be rotated, folded or somehow altered.